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Saturday, January 29, 2011

5 Exciting Jobs That Pay $40K And Up! .. Don't miss it

These jobs fast paced, requiring quick feet and thinking.

I think we should have a boring job to make good money?

Good news: There are many great paying jobs out there that allow you to do exciting work in a fast paced environment.

Here's a closer look at five jobs faster pace to pay $ 40,000 and above.

Job # 1 - Registration / Emergency Room Nurses

The Job: To provide medical care to patients as a result of car accidents, fires, labor, and shootings. It may also be responsible for the conduct and analysis of diagnostic tests and provide treatment and medicines.

Quick factors:
emergency room (ER) nurses - also known as trauma nurses - in situations of life and death almost every day. Should provide quick and accurate assessments of incoming patients and care for them under stress.

Education: A trio of educational paths can lead to a career as a registered nurse in an emergency room - a bachelor's degree in nursing, associate degree in nursing or a nursing degree. Continuous training and education can benefit from a nurse to work in an emergency room. For registered nurses seeking to benefit from careers in the emergency room, not the Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) certification, offered by the Board of Certification in Emergency Nursing (BCEN).

Salary: $ 65,130

Job # 2 - Meeting and Convention Planners

Work: Planners are responsible for everything that happens in the meetings and conventions to attend. As a planner, his work would involve tasks such as searching by guest speakers and hotels and negotiating contracts.

Quick factors: Because they are often juggling many tasks at the same time, meeting and convention planners should be able to think - and move - quickly. mental alertness and ability to multi-task also musts in this profession.

Education: A bachelor's degree is usually preferred by employers for entry-level positions, but most training is done informally on the job. Education Funding in the hotel and hospitality management, business and business administration, public relations and marketing avenues have proven to work planning.

Salary: $ 47,500

Job # 3 - Cyber Security Workers

Work: Protect data and computer systems connected to the Internet. As cyber security worker, you may find the computer systems of control or product development to ensure and enhance security.

Quick factors: Computer security specialists often work on call and are expected to respond rapidly to network security breaches. His responsibilities have increased in recent years, cyberattacks have become more frequent.

Education: bachelor's common for computer security workers are computer science, software engineering and information systems.

Salary: $ 69,570

Job # 4 - Executive Chef Chef

Work: Implement the efforts of the kitchen staff and food preparation guide. As executive chef or chef who would be their job to determine the size of the portions, develop menus, order food supplies, and carrying out the kitchen.

Quick factors: Executive chefs and cooks are constantly in motion, monitoring the delivery of food early in the day, menu planning, and preparation of menu items during busy dining hours.

Education: The employers prefer those with training beyond high school. Search in culinary training programs, which can last from several months to two years or more.

Salary: $ 42,410

Job # 5 - Court Reporters

Work: Creation of transcripts of court proceedings, meetings, speeches and other events with various methods, especially stenographic. As a court reporter, who would work to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the transcripts.

Quick factors: The job of a court reporter requires a high degree of speed and accuracy. Working for the federal government, will have your typing speed to 225 words per minute.

Education: Students in general, training in post-secondary level vocational and technical schools and universities or programs reporting court certified by the National Association of Court Reporters (NCRA).

$ 51,960

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