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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who is Hiring This Week (New Jobs) ..

February 28 to March 6,  2011

We know that your job search can become very frustrating these days with more people trying to find a job and fewer job opportunities available.

To ease the burden, we tracked 10 leading companies with job openings this week finance to sales jobs, marketing to technical/engineering jobs and full time to part-time job. We hope you find the right/suitable job for you.

1. Hostess Brands

Hostess Brands, based in Dallas, Texas, is the company behind such famous food brands as Twinkies, WonderBread, and Hostess Fruit Pies. Hostess employs 21,000 people to operate their 39 bakeries nationwide, an operations center in Kansas City, Mo., and 700 bakery outlet stores.

Employee Review: Hostess has solid financial backing and solid brands. Everyone wants to see the company succeed. Employees are loyal and hardworking.*

Top Job Categories:

2. ADT Security Services Inc.

ADT was originally founded as the American District Telegraph company in 1874. Over time the company evolved from delivering messages by telegraph, to providing home security services. The company now provides both residential and commercial service to roughly 230 major U.S. markets.

Employee Review: Feel good about a job that helps protect people and property. The 401K is really good with a full match up to 5 percent. Great, cutting edge technology for customers.*

Top Job Categories:

3. Comcast Cable

Comcast is one of the nation's leading providers of cable TV, internet, and phone services. The company owns a majority stake in NBCUniversal, which operates the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks. Comcast Corp. is the parent company of Comcast-Spectator, which owns both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Flyers.

Employee Review: It's always nice to work for a leader in your industry, one who strives to keep their products relevant and cutting-edge. I had the latitude to be involved in a fairly wide variety of projects outside of my regular scope of work ...*

Top Job Categories:

4. Central Refrigerated

Central Refrigerated operates the largest fleet of temperature controlled truckload carriers in the United States. Food products account for about 95 percent of all shipments transported by Central Refrigerated. The company now equips every truck in their fleet with satellite equipment, which allows both tracking and continuous communications with their corporate offices. In addition to their headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company operates terminals in Conley, Ga., Denver, Colo., and Fontana, Calif.

Employee Review: Will train you and give you a first job.*

Top Job Categories:

5., incorporated in 1994, was originally based out of founder Jeff Bezos' garage. In the company's first month of business, they shipped orders to all 50 states as well as 45 countries. Amazon now employs 33,700 workers in 12 countries worldwide. A leader in the ebook platform since the launch of their Kindle e-reader, last year the company reached the point where their sales of Kindle books exceeded the number of hardcover books they sold.

Employee Review: There is a great team atmosphere at, starting with upper management and trickling down to area managers to their teams.*

Top Job Categories:

6. Fred's Inc.

Founded with a single store in Coldwater, Miss., in 1947, Fred's is now based in Memphis, Tenn., and operates around 700 stores. Fred's product strategy combines dollar store merchandise with drugstore products. In order to stock all their stores, the company operates two distribution centers, one in Memphis and the other in Dublin, Ga.

Employee Review: Exposed to good customers that were appreciative of hard working employees. The flexibility of the hours was great because it allows time to attend school or be with family.*

Top Job Categories:

7. Tires Plus

Founded in 1972 in Clearwater, Fla., Tires Plus currently employs over 5,000 workers across 500 stores in 23 states. The company, owned by Bridgestone America, represents one of four brands that Bridgestone uses to market its tire-related products and services. Bridgestone recently announced plans to open up to 75 new retail service locations this year, some of which will be Tires Plus

Employee Review: Tires Plus was my first job in the automotive industry when I moved to this town. Most of the training was on the job. People were always around to show you what needed to be done, and help you out along the way ...*

Top Job Categories:

8. Zep, Inc.

Zep is a leading provider of chemical products to a range of industries. The company sells 3,500 different sanitation and maintenance products including detergents, disinfectants, lubricants, and pest control solutions. The company recently announced its involvement with the government's AbilityOne

Employee Review: Zep has some of the finest products in the specialty chemical arena. Their products can be sold to any customer at any time. While the culture is changing, it still has the feel of a smaller company.*

Top Job Categories:

9. Poudre Valley Health System

Poudre Valley Health System (PVHS) is a private, not-for profit health system based in northern Colorado. The organization operates two hospitals, a behavioral health center, associated clinics and a medical group. PVHS's services cover a geographic area of more than 50,000 miles, serving patients in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. PVHS currently has more than 5,100 employees, including over 550 physicians representing over 40 specialties.

Employee Review: Great benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurance for anyone who works more than 20 hours a week. We get much more vacation time than any other places of employment.*

Top Job Categories:

10. NCO

Based in Horsham, Pa., NCO has been in business for over 80 years, and currently employees over 30,000 workers. The company specializes in business process outsourcing services. These services include accounts receivable management, customer management services, and back office services. NCO's corporate training department was recently named to Training magazines, prestigious Training Top 125 list.

Employee Review: The money is great. Benefits are comparable to any other place. The hours are good and are normal operation for the industry. Time off is excellent when requested and has never been disapproved. As a company, NCO, IMO, is improving the company image in the collection industry and on a consumer level.*

Top Job Categories:

* All Employee Reviews courtesy of AOLJobs

Friday, February 25, 2011

Top Paying Jobs for Women

Women represent the fastest growing portion of the work force. Each day more and more high paying jobs are opening up and being filled by women. This is truly the greatest time in history to be a working, high salaried woman.

We’ve researched which high paying careers women are choosing to pursue and listed them below. Each position comes with the potential of a high salary and is well respected in society. Perhaps one of these jobs would be a good fit for you.

Without further ado, here’s our list of the ten best paying jobs for women in today’s job market.

1. Anesthesiologists

Women who choose to become anesthesiologists earn the top salary in the highest paying jobs for women. Women who become anesthesiologist earn $50,000 less per year than their male counterpart. In 2009, female anesthesiologists earned $310,620 dollars versus their male colleagues’ salary of $365,062 according to Anesthesiologists invest vast sums of time and money in training. An aspiring anesthesiologist spends 4 years earning a bachelor’s degree with required pre-med courses, 4 years in medical school, 4 years of residency, one year of medical or surgical internship, and three years of formal anesthesiology training before years of internship and residency. After the lengthy training process, an anesthesiologist can administer anesthesia and peri-operative medicine while directing medical staff in monitoring and treating patients. Anesthesiologists are critical care specialists responsible for maintaining a patients vital life functions during inpatient or outpatient surgeries and beyond. Anesthesiologists also provide pain relief for intensive care patients, obstetrical patients, and patients suffering from chronic pain.

2. Lawyers

Women who choose to become lawyers earn the second highest salary in top paying jobs for women. Women who choose to become lawyers earn 77.5 percent of their male equivalents’ wage,with an average yearly salary of $124,750. The educational requirements to become a lawyer entails 4-year bachelor’s degree, 3 years of law school, and passing the written bar examination depending upon state regulations and field of specialization. Lawyers are the “backbone of society” who write policy, represent clients, while advising or advocating judicial matters. Lawyers adhere to a very strict code of ethics in an ever changing judicial system. Lawyers generally specialize in criminal or civil law, representing clients in a wide range of court actions, depending upon field of specialization.

3. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Women who work as computer and information systems managers earn 85.4 percent of her male counterparts’ salary with an average yearly salary of$112, 280, landing in #3 spot of highest paying jobs held by women. Computer and information systems managers are the top executives in the expanding field of information technology. Computer and information systems managers implement and administer the use of technology within businesses. Computer and information systems managers oversee all technical aspects of business including but not limited to developing software, securing networks, and maintaining Internet operations. Computer and information systems managers delegate the work of other IT professionals including computer software engineers, computer programmers, computer systems analysts, and computer support specialists. Computer and information systems managers research and employ, through the use of technology, goals of an organization. An educational background with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information, or other computer related fields of study, including mathematical and statistical courses, as well a graduate or doctoral degrees are preferred.

4. Pharmacists

Women who work as Pharmacists earn the fourth highest wage in top paying jobs for women. Women earn 84 percent of her male counterpart’s salary estimated at $106,410 yearly. Pharmacists work closely with doctors and patients to safely distribute medications within retail drug stores, research facilities, or healthcare facilities. Pharmacists work closely with patients to monitor drug interactions and advise patients with general health information. Pharmacists also oversee the general operations within a pharmacy, supervising and hiring personnel, assisting with patient insurance forms, providing assistance with home healthcare supplies, researching new drugs, and counselling patients with drug related information. Qualifications to earn the top wage include at least a 6-7 year investment in bachelor’s and master’s degrees, passing the PCAT, and usually a doctorate in Pharmacy.

5. Human Resource Managers

Women employed as human resource managers earn 67.9 percent of their male counterparts’ average yearly salary of $103,920, landing in the 5th spot of highest paying jobs for women. Human resource managers operate as the liaison between administrators and staff within an organization, business or company. Human resource managers recruit, train, and educate potential or present employees within an organization. Chief responsibilities include: developing and adhering to company policy, hiring new staff, terminating employees, assisting with insurance and other employee benefits, training employees, providing strategic planning to management, determining ways to increase morale and productivity while limiting turnover rates, and improving performance of staff within a business. A bachelors’ degree is a requirement for human resource managers with additional on the job experience preferred by prospective employers.

6. Computer Software Engineers

Women who work as computer software engineers earn the sixth highest wage in top paying jobs for women. Women in this field earn 87.3 percent of her male equivalents salary with yearly earnings of $94,520 in the field of applications. Women in this line of work design and develop computer software by applying the combined theories and principles of mathematics and computer science. Job responsibilities include creating, testing, and evaluating software applications and systems that “drive” computers while adapting to face paced technological changes and ever changing practices within an organization. Computer software engineers design and develop operating systems, network control systems, business applications and structural software while incorporating hardware to ensure proper computer function within an organization or business, depending upon the field of specialization. In order to compete in the fastest growing field of computer software engineering, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or mathematics is required with employers preferring a master’s degree or equivalent on the job experience depending upon the field of specialization.

7. Management Analysts

Women employed as management analysts earn 78% of their male counterparts $92,920 yearly salary landing seventh in the highest paying jobs for women. Women who choose this field of employment are the researchers of the business world responsible for creating and proposing improvements within a business’ structure to increase efficiency, productivity, and/or profit. Many employers seek management analysts with a strong background in business, administration, finance, accounting, marketing, economics, statistics, computer and information science, information technology, human resources, or other business related disciplines within the field of specialization. A bachelor’s degree is necessary to qualify for the job of management analysts, with job experience and/or a master’s degree preferred.

8. Chief Executive Officers

Women who work as chief executive officers (CEOs) earn the eighth highest wage in top paying jobs for women. Women in this field earn 80.1 percent of her male counterpart’s salary, yearly earning $91,570 on average. CEOs are the decision makers within any business, organization, or company. They are the delegators of responsibility who frequently report to a board of directors. CEOs create, maintain, and execute all policy within an organization in the public and private sector. CEOs are generally accountable for the success or failure of a business and must be highly competitive, strong leaders of a highly skilled staff. Qualifications to perform as a CEO vary by company but generally require a background in business management, finance, communication, or liberal arts with a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree depending upon field of specialization.

9. Speech Pathologists

Women employed as speech pathologists earn 100% of their male counterparts’ salary with $79,120 yearly in earnings and secure the 8th highest paying jobs for women. A speech pathologist assesses, diagnoses, treats, and assists in the prevention of disorders associated with speech, language, cognitive communication, voice, swallowing, and articulation. Speech pathologists help patients who can not effectively communicate with speech sounds and fluency problems resulting from stuttering, voice disorders, or pitch. Speech pathologists attend to as those who have difficulty understanding and producing language, accents, or cognitive disorders regarding attention, memory or problem solving. Speech pathologists also work with patients who have swallowing difficulties. A speech pathologist’s formal training consists of a bachelor’s degree followed by master’s program concentrating in anatomy, physiology, speech, language, principles of communication and psychology. Supervised clinical training, licensure, and certification are also required.

10. Computer Scientists and System Analysts

Women who choose the field of computer scientists and system analysts earn an average yearly salary of $78,830. Female computer scientists and system analysts earn 83.7 percent of their male colleagues’ salary and earn the 10th highest salary in jobs for women. Computer scientists and system analysts are responsible for the resolution of computer problems within an organization and meeting an organization’s technological needs. Computer scientists and systems analysts optimize a company’s investments in equipment, personnel, and business processes. Computer scientists research hardware and software to deliver top performance of equipment while addressing operational issues. Computer scientists and systems analysts oversee existing computer systems and develop systems for future use. Degrees required to perform as a computer scientist and system analyst varies per field of specialization based upon an organization’s needs. An associates degree combined with job training is generally the minimum requirement, with a bachelor’s degree or higher is preferred by prospective employers.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The 50 Best Careers of 2011

Consider these high-opportunity jobs as you look for your next paycheck



It pays to be smart when choosing your career, particularly now that the job market is (slowly) improving. With the recession officially over, anyone who's out of work or eager to change jobs is on the lookout for opportunities. But where, exactly, are the jobs? Which occupations offer decent salaries, quality of life—and are likely to stick around for the next decade?
Click here to find out more!
Our list of 50 Best Careers answers those questions. We've highlighted dozens of high-opportunity professions—careers you may want to consider as you decide where to look for your next paycheck. Based on job-growth projections, salary data, and other factors like job satisfaction, these occupations span a variety of industries, so you can find the right position for you no matter what your interests.
What's new on the list this year? Several of our picks reflect the recent uptick in the economy, while others are long-time contenders that finally muscled their way onto the roster. With an aging baby boomer generation, healthcare continues to make a strong showing. All of the healthcare jobs on last year's list have made the cut again this year, plus two new positions: massage therapist and athletic trainer. While the field of athletic training doesn't offer the sheer number of positions as nursing or dental hygiene, it outranks nearly all other healthcare occupations for expected job growth.

Technology positions also account for a good chunk of our top-choice careers. Computer support specialist joins the ranks this year with upward trending employment numbers. Education administrator, which ranked particularly high for job satisfaction, made it onto our lineup of social service jobs. In the business category, we added sales manager, an occupation that's making a comeback along with the economy.
On our creative and service jobs list, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration technician is new this year, largely because of its high expected job growth. Interpreter/translator, an occupation that's increasingly in demand as a result of globalization, also made the cut.
To come up with this year's list, U.S. News considered job-growth projections from the Labor Department, estimates for 2008 to 2018, the most recent data available. We narrowed it down to occupations that are expected to add jobs at an above-average rate over the next decade, as well as those that provide an above-average median income. Sales manager makes the highest median annual salary on our list, nearly $97,000. Computer software engineer, physician assistant, meteorologist and education administrator all bring in median average salaries in the mid-$80,000 range.

We also considered, where possible, data on job satisfaction, turnover, and impending retirements, which crank up openings in jobs that may have only slightly above-average employment growth. We talked with labor and industry experts as well, gathering anecdotal evidence about employment prospects and job satisfaction. We excluded careers that lack a statistically significant number of positions and therefore provide opportunity for only a small number of workers. When necessary, we favored jobs that would help diversify our list in terms of category and educational requirements, since not everyone wants to work in healthcare or go to school for six years.
Most of the jobs that were cut from the list this year showed a higher-than-average unemployment rate or shrinking employment numbers during the last few quarters. From the creative and service jobs category, funeral director, plumber, security system installer, and landscape architect got the boot. In business, we cut market research analyst, loan officer, and cost estimator.
Of course, no one job is best for everyone, and everyone has their own ideas about what makes a job great. "You have to like what you're doing or you're not going to be successful at it," says Emily Bennington, who helps college graduates transition into careers through her company, Professional Studio 365. At the same time, "if you're not getting paid to do it, you're not going to love it for very long."
Qualities that make a job desirable also change with the times and circumstances. Tom Smith, director of the General Social Survey, conducted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, expects his next set of job-satisfaction data to show that workers value stability more than they did before the recession. "Occupations that have greater job stability perhaps have improved in the public's evaluation," he says.
Even as hiring picks up, the odds can seem daunting to job seekers. In a struggling economy with a 9.6 percent unemployment rate, competition is stiff even for some jobs that made our list. For every job opening in September, there were about five unemployed people, according to the Labor Department. While that's an improvement from 6.2 people for every job opening in November 2009, the most recent peak, "it's still a very tough job market," says Steve Hipple, an economist at the Labor Department. During the three years before the recession, the rate averaged 1.7 unemployed people for every job opening.
Others like John Challenger, CEO of outplacement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas, are more optimistic. "The whole environment has changed," says Challenger, who talks daily with companies that are hiring, as well as job seekers. "(It's) certainly not gang-busters by any means ... but it feels like springtime compared to last year's winter in the job market."
Whether you're out of work or your job has simply fallen out of favor, you'll likely find an occupation on our list that suits you. For each profession, we've offered a summary of what you can expect on the job, as well as advice from hiring managers and people who work in that industry about how to land one.
Here's our list of the 50 Best Careers of 2011—click each job to learn more:
Business Jobs:

Creative and Service Jobs:

Healthcare Jobs:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Who is Hiring This Week (New Jobs) – Hurry up ..

February 21 to February 27,  2011

We know that your job search can become very frustrating these days with more people trying to find a job and fewer job opportunities available.

To ease the burden, we tracked 10 leading companies with job openings this week finance to sales jobs, marketing to technical/engineering jobs and full time to part-time job. We hope you find the right/suitable job for you

1. Macy's
Originally founded as Federated Department Stores in 1929, the company was officially renamed Macy's in 2007. With over 800 stores across the nation, Macy's is one of the largest retail companies in the United States. Macy's, which saw its sales rise throughout 2010, has already announced plans to hire 3,500 employees the next two years.

Top Job Categories:

2. Hewlett-Packard
Hewlett Packard, headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., currently ranks 10th on the Fortune 500. The company ships around 48 million PCs each year, making it the largest supplier of PCs worldwide. With revenues of $126 billion for their 2010 fiscal year, the company is also the largest IT company in the world. HP currently operates in 170 countries worldwide and has over 300,000 employees.

Top Job Categories:

3. Ernst & Young
Headquartered in London, England, Ernst & Young is one of the so-called Big Four Accounting Firms. The company's activities consist mainly of doing financial audit work for other corporations. Additionally the company is actively involved in areas such as actuarial consulting, as well as due diligence research for mergers and acquisitions.

Top Job Categories:

4. Kindred Healthcare
Based in Louisville, Ky., Kindred Healthcare is a leading provider of post-acute health care services. Kindred currently operates in 40 states and has over 50,000 employees. The company recently agreed to acquire RehabCare for close to $900 million. The resulting company, which would be formed from such a merger, would be the largest provider of post-acute health care services, in the United States.

Top Job Categories:

5. Kmart
As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sears Holding Corp., Kmart currently operates 1,327 stores in 49 states, as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Over 75 percent of these Kmart-branded stores operate their own in-store pharmacies. A portion Kmart's stores are designated as Super Centers, and are open 24 hours a day. These Super Centers include a full lineup of grocery products.

Top Job Categories:

6. Chase
As the retail and commercial banking arm of financial services company JPMorgan Chase and Co., Chase is one of the largest banks in the United States, in terms of both its deposits and its market-capitalization. This qualifies Chase as one of the so-called Big Four U.S. Banks. As a whole, JPMorgan Chase employs over 200,000 employees in 60 countries around the world.

Top Job Categories:

7. IBM
Affectionately known as "Big Blue" by some, the computer hardware and software giant has been in business since 1911. Historically a leader in the field of technology research, the company holds more patents than any other U.S.-based company. In addition to its server and software products, IBM produces chipsets used in most modern video game systems, including the Xbox, Wii, and Playstation 3.

Top Job Categories:

8. Walmart

With over 2 million employees worldwide, Walmart Inc. is the largest private employer in the United States. The company has steadily grown since founder Sam Walton opened the first Walmart-branded store in 1962. Starting as a discount retail operation, the company has grown to include a line of supercenters and a significant grocery operation.

Top Job Categories:

9. UnitedHealth Group
United Health Group currently provides health insurance services to over 75 million people worldwide. The company has recently been actively involved in creating several technological advancements in the health care field, including the development of video conferencing systems for patient/doctor communication, the creation of electronic health records systems, and the release of an iPhone app to locate participating physicians.

Top Job Categories:

10. Sears

Founder Richard W. Sears got started retailing in 1886, when he came by an unwanted shipment of gold watches. The following year he began working with watchmaker Alvah C. Roebuck, and by 1890, the company had given birth to the mail-order catalog industry. Since then, Sears has grown quite a bit. Currently the Sears Holding Group operates over 2,300 Sears-branded stores across North America.

Top Job Categories:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

15 well-paying jobs that do not require

Conventional wisdom holds that a college-educated workers earn higher wages because their job requires more education and advanced capabilities. Moreover, since there are fewer workers with a bachelor's degree, are more difficult to find non-graduates. In fact, according to recent data from the census office in the U.S., 19 percent of Americans have a college degree and about 31 percent just a high school diploma.

Census data also show that the average income of a graduate is $ 58,613, far more than the $ 31,283 charged on average graduate with a high school diploma. You could draw the conclusion, then, that to take home more income should go to college. While this is generally true, there are exceptions. Some positions are paid more because the tasks associated with dangerous, difficult or extremely specialized. Experience also weighs into the equation, because many employers value the years of experience rather than the years of study. This work not requiring a certificate is not necessarily easy to carry and easy to get.

This does not mean you can not find a high school diploma or university if you wish. However, if studying is not the right choice or your choice of time, evaluates the 15 occupations that do not require a degree but are well paid:

1. Health Care Supervisor $ 63,231 *
This worker is responsible for the supervision of physician assistants, which requires scheduling tasks and monitoring the outcome to ensure quality patient care.

2. Air Traffic Controller $ 139,314
An air traffic controller monitors the path of the aircraft that arrive and depart from an airport in order to prevent collisions. It also controls the conditions so that the planes do not suffer delays.

3. Supervisor assembly $ 66,034
The supervisor acts in manufacturing plants where tasks are performed by controlling the assembly and manufacturing production progress. The assembly workers can produce both large mechanical parts (aviation, for example) and small technological devices, according to industry.

4. Supervisor Cable $ 76,739
This worker control workers who install, maintain and repair the wiring. Since the cabling can be buried or strung between poles, the work can be dangerous for those who make and difficult to execute.

5. Supervisor Chemical $ 73,955
A supervisor monitors the chemical industry product manufacturing, a delicate process that involves the handling of dangerous substances according to strict safety guidelines.

6. Operator construction equipment $ 53,543
 These workers are in charge of tools and machines used on construction sites. They are also responsible for the inspection of security and performance issues in the equipment when necessary.

Credit and Collections Supervisor $ 66,847
Sector employees credit and collections estimated loan losses and collect user information seeking loans. Supervisors monitor their performance and often check the credit history of customers to grant or deny extensions of credit.

8. Data Control Supervisor $ 66,554
This worker keeps track of the daily operations of the workers "data entry" and are responsible for the accuracy and job completion.

9. Electrician $ 58,960
This worker is dedicated to solving electrical problems in facilities and related artifacts. According to the particular job, teams can be small devices such as large-scale technological systems.

10. Technical lifts $ 67,538
Elevator technician performs routine maintenance on elevators and escalators and addresses the problems reported.

11. Supervisor of home health care $ 69,061
This worker goes to the home of patients who can not travel and help in their daily activities and some rehabilitation exercises. The supervisor verifies that all patients are properly treated by his assistants in accordance with legal regulations and quality standards.

12. Illustrator $ 60,060
The illustrators working in advertising agencies or design your own fonts and images for a variety of media, from websites to print and video campaigns.

13. Chief of carpentry $ 73,055
This employee acts in front of a group of carpenters in a specific task to ensure that the project on time and meets quality standards.

A holding clearance supervisor controls the process of calculating compensation according to hours worked, records of attendance cards, distributing payments and verifies compliance with the laws.

15. Real estate agent $ 79,494
A real estate agent business has its own properties, helping prospective buyers find their homes. Walk neighborhoods, find homes and assist potential buyers in the legal and financial aspects of the buying process.

* The salary information is based on information provided by


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