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Thursday, February 17, 2011

15 well-paying jobs that do not require

Conventional wisdom holds that a college-educated workers earn higher wages because their job requires more education and advanced capabilities. Moreover, since there are fewer workers with a bachelor's degree, are more difficult to find non-graduates. In fact, according to recent data from the census office in the U.S., 19 percent of Americans have a college degree and about 31 percent just a high school diploma.

Census data also show that the average income of a graduate is $ 58,613, far more than the $ 31,283 charged on average graduate with a high school diploma. You could draw the conclusion, then, that to take home more income should go to college. While this is generally true, there are exceptions. Some positions are paid more because the tasks associated with dangerous, difficult or extremely specialized. Experience also weighs into the equation, because many employers value the years of experience rather than the years of study. This work not requiring a certificate is not necessarily easy to carry and easy to get.

This does not mean you can not find a high school diploma or university if you wish. However, if studying is not the right choice or your choice of time, evaluates the 15 occupations that do not require a degree but are well paid:

1. Health Care Supervisor $ 63,231 *
This worker is responsible for the supervision of physician assistants, which requires scheduling tasks and monitoring the outcome to ensure quality patient care.

2. Air Traffic Controller $ 139,314
An air traffic controller monitors the path of the aircraft that arrive and depart from an airport in order to prevent collisions. It also controls the conditions so that the planes do not suffer delays.

3. Supervisor assembly $ 66,034
The supervisor acts in manufacturing plants where tasks are performed by controlling the assembly and manufacturing production progress. The assembly workers can produce both large mechanical parts (aviation, for example) and small technological devices, according to industry.

4. Supervisor Cable $ 76,739
This worker control workers who install, maintain and repair the wiring. Since the cabling can be buried or strung between poles, the work can be dangerous for those who make and difficult to execute.

5. Supervisor Chemical $ 73,955
A supervisor monitors the chemical industry product manufacturing, a delicate process that involves the handling of dangerous substances according to strict safety guidelines.

6. Operator construction equipment $ 53,543
 These workers are in charge of tools and machines used on construction sites. They are also responsible for the inspection of security and performance issues in the equipment when necessary.

Credit and Collections Supervisor $ 66,847
Sector employees credit and collections estimated loan losses and collect user information seeking loans. Supervisors monitor their performance and often check the credit history of customers to grant or deny extensions of credit.

8. Data Control Supervisor $ 66,554
This worker keeps track of the daily operations of the workers "data entry" and are responsible for the accuracy and job completion.

9. Electrician $ 58,960
This worker is dedicated to solving electrical problems in facilities and related artifacts. According to the particular job, teams can be small devices such as large-scale technological systems.

10. Technical lifts $ 67,538
Elevator technician performs routine maintenance on elevators and escalators and addresses the problems reported.

11. Supervisor of home health care $ 69,061
This worker goes to the home of patients who can not travel and help in their daily activities and some rehabilitation exercises. The supervisor verifies that all patients are properly treated by his assistants in accordance with legal regulations and quality standards.

12. Illustrator $ 60,060
The illustrators working in advertising agencies or design your own fonts and images for a variety of media, from websites to print and video campaigns.

13. Chief of carpentry $ 73,055
This employee acts in front of a group of carpenters in a specific task to ensure that the project on time and meets quality standards.

A holding clearance supervisor controls the process of calculating compensation according to hours worked, records of attendance cards, distributing payments and verifies compliance with the laws.

15. Real estate agent $ 79,494
A real estate agent business has its own properties, helping prospective buyers find their homes. Walk neighborhoods, find homes and assist potential buyers in the legal and financial aspects of the buying process.

* The salary information is based on information provided by


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