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Friday, February 25, 2011

Top Paying Jobs for Women

Women represent the fastest growing portion of the work force. Each day more and more high paying jobs are opening up and being filled by women. This is truly the greatest time in history to be a working, high salaried woman.

We’ve researched which high paying careers women are choosing to pursue and listed them below. Each position comes with the potential of a high salary and is well respected in society. Perhaps one of these jobs would be a good fit for you.

Without further ado, here’s our list of the ten best paying jobs for women in today’s job market.

1. Anesthesiologists

Women who choose to become anesthesiologists earn the top salary in the highest paying jobs for women. Women who become anesthesiologist earn $50,000 less per year than their male counterpart. In 2009, female anesthesiologists earned $310,620 dollars versus their male colleagues’ salary of $365,062 according to Anesthesiologists invest vast sums of time and money in training. An aspiring anesthesiologist spends 4 years earning a bachelor’s degree with required pre-med courses, 4 years in medical school, 4 years of residency, one year of medical or surgical internship, and three years of formal anesthesiology training before years of internship and residency. After the lengthy training process, an anesthesiologist can administer anesthesia and peri-operative medicine while directing medical staff in monitoring and treating patients. Anesthesiologists are critical care specialists responsible for maintaining a patients vital life functions during inpatient or outpatient surgeries and beyond. Anesthesiologists also provide pain relief for intensive care patients, obstetrical patients, and patients suffering from chronic pain.

2. Lawyers

Women who choose to become lawyers earn the second highest salary in top paying jobs for women. Women who choose to become lawyers earn 77.5 percent of their male equivalents’ wage,with an average yearly salary of $124,750. The educational requirements to become a lawyer entails 4-year bachelor’s degree, 3 years of law school, and passing the written bar examination depending upon state regulations and field of specialization. Lawyers are the “backbone of society” who write policy, represent clients, while advising or advocating judicial matters. Lawyers adhere to a very strict code of ethics in an ever changing judicial system. Lawyers generally specialize in criminal or civil law, representing clients in a wide range of court actions, depending upon field of specialization.

3. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Women who work as computer and information systems managers earn 85.4 percent of her male counterparts’ salary with an average yearly salary of$112, 280, landing in #3 spot of highest paying jobs held by women. Computer and information systems managers are the top executives in the expanding field of information technology. Computer and information systems managers implement and administer the use of technology within businesses. Computer and information systems managers oversee all technical aspects of business including but not limited to developing software, securing networks, and maintaining Internet operations. Computer and information systems managers delegate the work of other IT professionals including computer software engineers, computer programmers, computer systems analysts, and computer support specialists. Computer and information systems managers research and employ, through the use of technology, goals of an organization. An educational background with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information, or other computer related fields of study, including mathematical and statistical courses, as well a graduate or doctoral degrees are preferred.

4. Pharmacists

Women who work as Pharmacists earn the fourth highest wage in top paying jobs for women. Women earn 84 percent of her male counterpart’s salary estimated at $106,410 yearly. Pharmacists work closely with doctors and patients to safely distribute medications within retail drug stores, research facilities, or healthcare facilities. Pharmacists work closely with patients to monitor drug interactions and advise patients with general health information. Pharmacists also oversee the general operations within a pharmacy, supervising and hiring personnel, assisting with patient insurance forms, providing assistance with home healthcare supplies, researching new drugs, and counselling patients with drug related information. Qualifications to earn the top wage include at least a 6-7 year investment in bachelor’s and master’s degrees, passing the PCAT, and usually a doctorate in Pharmacy.

5. Human Resource Managers

Women employed as human resource managers earn 67.9 percent of their male counterparts’ average yearly salary of $103,920, landing in the 5th spot of highest paying jobs for women. Human resource managers operate as the liaison between administrators and staff within an organization, business or company. Human resource managers recruit, train, and educate potential or present employees within an organization. Chief responsibilities include: developing and adhering to company policy, hiring new staff, terminating employees, assisting with insurance and other employee benefits, training employees, providing strategic planning to management, determining ways to increase morale and productivity while limiting turnover rates, and improving performance of staff within a business. A bachelors’ degree is a requirement for human resource managers with additional on the job experience preferred by prospective employers.

6. Computer Software Engineers

Women who work as computer software engineers earn the sixth highest wage in top paying jobs for women. Women in this field earn 87.3 percent of her male equivalents salary with yearly earnings of $94,520 in the field of applications. Women in this line of work design and develop computer software by applying the combined theories and principles of mathematics and computer science. Job responsibilities include creating, testing, and evaluating software applications and systems that “drive” computers while adapting to face paced technological changes and ever changing practices within an organization. Computer software engineers design and develop operating systems, network control systems, business applications and structural software while incorporating hardware to ensure proper computer function within an organization or business, depending upon the field of specialization. In order to compete in the fastest growing field of computer software engineering, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or mathematics is required with employers preferring a master’s degree or equivalent on the job experience depending upon the field of specialization.

7. Management Analysts

Women employed as management analysts earn 78% of their male counterparts $92,920 yearly salary landing seventh in the highest paying jobs for women. Women who choose this field of employment are the researchers of the business world responsible for creating and proposing improvements within a business’ structure to increase efficiency, productivity, and/or profit. Many employers seek management analysts with a strong background in business, administration, finance, accounting, marketing, economics, statistics, computer and information science, information technology, human resources, or other business related disciplines within the field of specialization. A bachelor’s degree is necessary to qualify for the job of management analysts, with job experience and/or a master’s degree preferred.

8. Chief Executive Officers

Women who work as chief executive officers (CEOs) earn the eighth highest wage in top paying jobs for women. Women in this field earn 80.1 percent of her male counterpart’s salary, yearly earning $91,570 on average. CEOs are the decision makers within any business, organization, or company. They are the delegators of responsibility who frequently report to a board of directors. CEOs create, maintain, and execute all policy within an organization in the public and private sector. CEOs are generally accountable for the success or failure of a business and must be highly competitive, strong leaders of a highly skilled staff. Qualifications to perform as a CEO vary by company but generally require a background in business management, finance, communication, or liberal arts with a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree depending upon field of specialization.

9. Speech Pathologists

Women employed as speech pathologists earn 100% of their male counterparts’ salary with $79,120 yearly in earnings and secure the 8th highest paying jobs for women. A speech pathologist assesses, diagnoses, treats, and assists in the prevention of disorders associated with speech, language, cognitive communication, voice, swallowing, and articulation. Speech pathologists help patients who can not effectively communicate with speech sounds and fluency problems resulting from stuttering, voice disorders, or pitch. Speech pathologists attend to as those who have difficulty understanding and producing language, accents, or cognitive disorders regarding attention, memory or problem solving. Speech pathologists also work with patients who have swallowing difficulties. A speech pathologist’s formal training consists of a bachelor’s degree followed by master’s program concentrating in anatomy, physiology, speech, language, principles of communication and psychology. Supervised clinical training, licensure, and certification are also required.

10. Computer Scientists and System Analysts

Women who choose the field of computer scientists and system analysts earn an average yearly salary of $78,830. Female computer scientists and system analysts earn 83.7 percent of their male colleagues’ salary and earn the 10th highest salary in jobs for women. Computer scientists and system analysts are responsible for the resolution of computer problems within an organization and meeting an organization’s technological needs. Computer scientists and systems analysts optimize a company’s investments in equipment, personnel, and business processes. Computer scientists research hardware and software to deliver top performance of equipment while addressing operational issues. Computer scientists and systems analysts oversee existing computer systems and develop systems for future use. Degrees required to perform as a computer scientist and system analyst varies per field of specialization based upon an organization’s needs. An associates degree combined with job training is generally the minimum requirement, with a bachelor’s degree or higher is preferred by prospective employers.

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