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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hiring News: The Latest Job Openings

Given the challenges of finding a job in the current market, we thought we'd track down the latest hiring information and let you know which businesses and organizations currently have a significant number of openings.

As difficult as it is searching for a job these days, news keeps coming in about companies with hundreds if not thousands of job openings. While a thousand new jobs might not seem like much with millions of Americans unemployed, such hiring news does represent a step in the right direction.

As new information on companies hiring continues to come in, we'll try to point out which areas of the country will benefit the most from these job opportunities to help you find positions relevant to your current job search.

Most Recent

10,000 Walmart Jobs in the Chicago Area
Walmart has big plans for job creation in Illinois. The massive retailer just announced two new Chicago-area stores that will boost the company to the projected creation of 10,000 jobs in the area by 2015.
Walmart is planning the newly announced small and mid-size stores in the West Englewood community, which is reported to be the heart of a "food desert" and one of Chicago's most under-served communities by large grocery stores.

IKEA Now Hiring
Now that Americans are feeling safer about their jobs, many have returned to furnishing and decorating their homes. That could be one of the reasons why Scandinavian furniture store IKEA is expanding and taking on more employees.
Whatever the cause, they're opening a big new store in Centennial, near Denver, Colo., and hiring more than 450 employees for that location. But there are also hundreds of openings in other parts of the country -- and in other parts of the world, for that matter.

YouTube is Hiring
All that time you spend on YouTube watching videos might not be in vain after all! YouTube is looking to expand its staff by more than 30 percent, adding at least an additional 200 jobs. The video company expects 2011 to be its biggest hiring year ever.

100,000 Jobs for Vets
Eleven major U.S. firms have joined together in a pledge to hire 100,000 veterans and military personnel after they've finished serving the country over the next several years. Huge corporations such as JPMorgan Chase, AT&T, Verizon and Cisco are among those participating.

Hewlett-Packard Looking for Thousands
Further proving that if you're a good software engineer, you can write your own ticket, Palo Alto, California-based tech firm Hewlett-Packard (HP) was advertising 2,383 openings at last count, with openings for software developers, testers, designers, business operations specialists, strategic development managers and engineers, among other positions.


Ford Focus Ford Focus Suppliers Add 5,500 New Jobs
One of the important things to remember about the recovery of the American auto industry is that when one model is a hit, it's not just good news for the specific manufacturer that puts it out it means more profits and more jobs for all the companies that provide parts.
Such is the case with Ford's new Focus, a global car which is expected to add at least 5,500 new jobs to the economy. Companies such as Robert Bosch LLC will be making parts for the new Focus.

By AOL Jobs Contributor

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