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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who is Hiring This Week

May 30 - June 5,  2011.  Apply Now ...

We know that your job search can become very frustrating these days with more people trying to find a job and fewer job opportunities available.

To ease the burden, we tracked 10 leading companies with job openings this week finance to sales jobs, marketing to technical/engineering jobs and full time to part-time job. We hope you find the right/suitable job for you. 

01. Aflac

The company was founded in 1955 by brothers John, Paul, and Bill Amos. In 1964 the company pioneered the concept of "cluster-selling" insurance, where sales agents would go to corporate offices to give groups of workers insurance presentations, as opposed to presenting each person individually.

Now that Aflac has found a new voice for their iconic duck mascot, they're looking to hire thousands of sales agents. Although sales agents are independent (and therefore not actually employees of Aflac), there are corporate positions open as well.

Employee Review: Great product that provides piece of mind. This is an easy sell if you point out why there is such a need for it. Nice incentives, but the bar is set high.*

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02. GE

As the third-largest company in the world, according to Forbes, GE is made up of many facets. Their businesses are organized among five overarching categories: energy, technology/infrastructure, GE Capital, home & business and NBC Universal.

Originally located in Schenectady, New York, the company's headquarters are now located in Fairfield, Conn., and they have offices across the United States. Regardless of location, GE employees are constantly pursuing innovative technologies, such as a gas turbine to help stabilize power grids.

GE has been hiring new employees en masse since 2009. They recently announced the creation of 1,000 jobs for GE Capital in Chicago, Ill.

Employee Review: Outstanding products and technology. The best and helpful. Outstanding training and development opportunities. Very global...a great place to learn the world.*

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03. Macy's 
Originally founded as Federated Department Stores in 1929, the company was officially renamed Macy's in 2007. With over 800 stores across the nation, Macy's is one of the largest retail companies in the United States. Macy's sales rose throughout 2010 and has already announced plans to hire 3,500 employees in the next two years.

Employee Review: The management is competent. Employees are given a good discount and still able to use coupons. You can pick up more hours online when they become available.*

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04. T-Mobile Retail

T-Mobile 's U.S. operations, currently employ about 42,000 workers. The company is owned by Deutche Telekom AG, one of the world's largest communications companies. T-Mobile recently announced the launch of a new international calling plan for businesses with employees traveling abroad. The plan is innovative in that it charges the users a base yearly fee and provides reduced roaming charges.

Employee Review: The culture is a plus. Our previous CEO Robert Dotson said that his experience from managing volunteer missionaries has really affected his leadership style, and it shows. After all, how do you motivate someone to do something if you can't fire them?*

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05. Chase

As the retail and commercial banking arm of financial services company JPMorgan Chase and Co., Chase is one of the largest banks in the United States, in terms of both its deposits and its market-capitalization. This qualifies Chase as one of the so-called Big Four U.S. Banks. As a whole, JPMorgan Chase employs over 200,000 employees in 60 countries around the world.

Employee Review: Good benefits. Incentive pay is upwards of 20% of base salary. Chase is all over the country. Variety of positions available.*

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06. Bed, Bath and Beyond

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in New Jersey, Bed, Bath and Beyond has achieved success thanks to a unique blend of merchandise, store layout and management techniques.

The company has over 1,000 stores and operates under a few brand names, including Bed, Bath and Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops and Harmon. They purchased buybuy BABY in 2007, in order to better appeal to prospective and current parents.

Employee Review: I love working for a company that is actually concerned about customer service. We put customer service as our number one priority. Too often you feel like you are an inconvenience when you shop & need assistance. I am glad to be working for a company that allows me to put my customer first & take care of them the way I would want someone to do for me.*

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07. Sears

Most people recognize "Sears" as the department store common to countless shopping malls. While their department stores are certainly popular, Sears Holdings operates several other brands as well.

The company was the ninth-largest retailer in 2010, behind other giants like WalMart, Target and Costco.

Employee Review: My favorite things about working with Sears is the stability. The company has been around for over 100 years and is one of the largest in the world. It has great benefits and work life balance is excellent. I don't have to worry about being on call on nights and weekends. They have really great quality people who are easy to get along with.*

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08. UnitedHealth Group

United Health Group currently provides health insurance services to over 75 million people worldwide. The company has recently been actively involved in creating several technological advancements in the health care field, including the development of video conferencing systems for patient/doctor communication, the creation of electronic health records systems, and the release of an iPhone app to locate participating physicians.

Employee Review: I really enjoyed my time at UnitedHealth Group. The trainers were very knowledgeable and were always there to answer any questions that I had. I worked as a Claims Associate for just a few short months before being promoted to another department. I then went on to work from home!! Only left this company because of personal issues not related to my job. Great place to work!*

Top Job Categories:

09. Ernst & Young

Headquartered in London, England, Ernst & Young is one of the so-called Big Four accounting firms. The company's activities consist mainly of doing financial audit work for other corporations. Additionally, the company is actively involved in areas such as actuarial consulting, as well as due diligence research for mergers and acquisitions.

Most of the major U.S. accounting firms have been in a hiring frenzy as of late. Ernst and Young is no exception: The company recently announced that it is looking to hire 7,000 from college campuses (2,500 of which will be interns) and an additional 6,000 experienced workers.

The company is currently celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Entrepreneur of the Year program. Regional winners for 2011 will be crowned next month, with the national title to be awarded in November.

Employee Review: Excellent brand, great client base, excellent opportunity to work globally. Focus on people is strong given the nature of consulting*

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10. IBM

Affectionately known as "Big Blue" by some, the computer hardware and software giant has been in business since 1911. Historically a leader in the field of technology research, the company holds more patents than any other U.S.-based company.

In addition to its server and software products, the company produces chipsets used in most modern video game systems, including the Xbox, Wii, and Playstation 3. The new Wii 2, set to be unveiled at next month's E3 Video Game Expo, will also be powered by an IBM chipset.

In March, the company's supercomputer, Watson, went head-to-head against two teams of college students, one from Carnegie Mellon University and the other from the University of Pittsburg. The event was hosted at CMU and ended with Watson earning $52,199, Pitt making $12,937, and CMU brining home $7,463.

Employee Review: There are a lot of gurus here who can assist you at any time and help with any technical questions or issues.*

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By AOL Jobs Contributor


  1. Why are there never any creative job listings?
    Between Lifetouch and The
    There are rarely any true editorial or commercial photography jobs available to qualified photographers like myself with over 12 years experience who may be ready to make a move from being and independent photographer to a staff/in house photographer.
    Preferred companies, Travel Channel, Nat Geo, Getty, Reuters, AP

  2. What about writer positions. I'm a freelance writer and wouldn't mind switching to a staff writer position, if one such job was offered to me. So far, all the leads were in finance and IT, although I do have experience in these areas as well. My preference is in writing, especially technical writing and copywriting.

  3. hhusted.... your expertise is in technical writing? I heard there is a lt of companies and organization that need your experience. Do you market yourself? Do you have "Technical Communications" as well or Visual Com. Design?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I second the desire for writing and creative jobs. Having helped numerous companies with their ad campaigns over the years, as well as winning various creative awards, one would hope for a larger market for creatively converting readers/viewers into buyers.

    Speaking of creative use of words, funny how this site is titled "careers-builder"...obviously to build off the success of the more famous!

  6. If you think it is frustrating to get noticed when you have identifiable writing credentials, try prospecting for a writing position based on writing ability and 30 years of work using technical manuals. Perhaps it is an idealist's lament, but being able to create seems to be based upon having an education not on provable results of having created. I can tell you from experience that there are a lot of very well "educated" people who are creating some very dumb technical documents.

  7. Looking for Creative Jobs? Check out!!!

  8. Is there a social media group?


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