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Saturday, April 9, 2011

10 Fastest-Growing Industries

When you're job hunting, knowing which industries are hiring is part of the battle. In the midst of high unemployment in the private sector, some industries are still emerging as safe bets for the coming years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. With anything from home health care to finance showing steady demand, you're bound to find opportunity.
Here's which industries are experiencing high growth:
1. Rehabilitation
Whether it's occupational therapists, speech therapists or physical therapists working with patients who require this type of medical support, the rehabilitation industry is in demand. As more insurers promote and cover these types of treatments, there will be a great needed for therapists of all kinds. Therapists work in different kinds of settings including medical offices, schools, hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

2. Internet Hosting and Publication
With constant changes in technology, those who work to maintain and publish websites and online tools are predicted to have an easier time in their job hunt. Job seekers in the technology sector focused on Internet hosting and publication work on anything from building new websites to helping optimize existing Internet properties. Working in large corporations is common and contract work is often available.

3. Auto Manufacturing
With the nation's car manufacturers back in growth mode, the year may bring openings to those eager to work in the industry. Positions that have had mass layoffs won't come back in the same way, but creation of other auto industry jobs is safe bet.

4. Waste Management
With recycling programs and constant regulations affecting the waste management industry, those who have an interest in waste management are constantly in demand. Workers deal with anything from collecting and processing to disposing of materials and further monitoring. Within the industry, constantly changing sustainability practices and new ways of dealing with waste can make it a dynamic career. Salaries can be surprisingly high.

5. Sustainability Consulting
"Going green" is definitely on the radar of many companies these days. Sustainability consultants work on anything from insulating a single building to prevent rapid heat loss to making sure companies are compliant with wide ranging Federal regulations.

6. Language
As the global market expands, interpreters, instructors and others in the language industry are integral to helping ease the world's communication difficulties. Translators from languages outside of Europe like Mandarin and Arabic are especially needed. In addition to in-person interpreters, online translation is another key area of growth.

7. Home Health Care
With an aging population, aides in the home health industry are becoming a much-needed niche in the lives of the elderly. Home health is expected to grow tremendously as more baby boomers live far past retirement age, and are eager to live on their own. Pay is expected to rise by 3.9 percent annually, according to the BLS.

8. Ophthalmology
Another strong area in the health care sector, ophthalmologists and those who assist them are needed to meet the growing demands of patients seeking eye care. With new technologies the field is expected to see some of the quickest growth in the sector. Ophthalmologists work on anything from laser surgery to treating diseases associated with the eye.

9. Accounting
With financial regulation affecting both individual and corporate taxpayers, those who work in areas of finance can find themselves swamped with work. Accounting and auditing firms will continue to see an upswing in business as newer regulatory changes come into place.

10. Security
As more businesses focus on security and patrol services, corporate security has had steady growth since 2001. Guards typically work within and outside a business to prevent any wrongdoing. Additionally many security officers are now in demand beyond metropolitan areas and working in smaller cities and towns.


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    Internet Hosting and publication ; )

    I suppose my little niche falls under the Internet publication portion of this particular top 10 on your list. Here is a link to an article I just wrote about my niche...

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